Design consulting

Are you planning a large and robust project that also requires UX/UI specialists? We will help you by providing our best resources for project preparation, coordination as well as for feedback and comments. If required, we can also provide the most relevant resources for the project execution.

Why choose design consulting from SCR?

A skilled specialist with experience can often determine the success or failure of a project, greatly reducing the risk of going over budget and project delays, especially in the case of large and complex projects where it's necessary to coordinate requirements and outputs with multiple stakeholders. We can provide/assign specific specializations for your project to help you formulate project goals and expectations, as well as in project execution and coordination from the perspective of assessing and providing feedback on design outputs.

Initial project workshop

Perception and analysis of the client's idea of the project, its goals, scope and time schedule

Deduction of necessary resources and definition of the scope of work

According to the needs of the project, we provide the necessary capacities and define the scope of the necessary works to achieve the project goals

Coordination of resources with an executive project team

Regular inspections of outputs and a summary of recommendations forwarded to the executive project team in order to ensure the progress of the project and the fulfilment of its objectives

Happy clients

Jana Seleštianska
Marketing Manager, CBRE | Property Management | Europa SC
Europa SC has been cooperating with SCR design for more than 10 years. We value a proactive and innovative approach, prompt communication and action, and, last but not least, a positive human factor embedded in our cooperation. We evaluate the established mutual relationship between the client and the supplier high above standard, as evidenced by the years of our cooperation.
Petra Pazúriková
Marketing Manager | Zeppelin SK
I am very pleased with the work of SCR design and also with Rastislav Michal's (senior project manager) approach, he put his ideas and comments about the website turn into a working reality. Our intention was not just a one-time creation of a website, but to find a reliable partner for a long-term process of co-creating a "living organism" that needs to be constantly cared for and attractively improved and considered new ways and trends on how to attract a site visitor or a customer. I really like the professional approach, the speed of incorporating the necessary changes, and the quality after years of friendly and constructive communication.
Dominik Orfanus
founder and Chief Executive Officer | ChernobylX
We entered the solution of the new website and the brand in 2019 with the SCR design and together we continued working throughout the whole pandemic to come up with an even better solution as planned in the beginning. The SCR design came up with tailor-made solutions and, especially with the "out of box "approach, they made for us a website that performs an order of magnitude better than the old one. I would nominate their graphic designer for an Oscar or at least a Golden Globe.
The SCR design did a lot of great work on our website. The website is timeless even after a year of intensive preparations and the things that came up at the beginning are still working and fulfill their purpose.
The redesign of our website was a key step for our company to successfully implement the new strategy. The cooperation on this project with the company SCR went smoothly and without any complications. We really appreciate the creative approach of the team we communicated with. They brought innovative enhancements to our initial assignment that helped improve the design and functionality of our website. We will continue further development with the SCR team.

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