Design consulting

Are you planning a large and robust project that also requires UX/UI specialists? We will help you by providing our best resources for project preparation, coordination as well as for feedback and comments. If required, we can also provide the most relevant resources for the project execution.

Design prototyping

Functionality, design, and visualization of the future form of your software application, mobile application, or website, used for project presentation, user validation, and functional specification. Clarification and verification of user logic and the correctness of selected functionalities.

Frontend development

Frontend development for websites and software applications. Micro-animations will support the user experience and guide visitors to achieve your conversion goals.

Photo & Video

In a digital world where visual impression can determine success, quality photos and videos are essential to effectively communicate your brand. Our agency provides professional photo and video content creation that combines the latest trends with creative art.

We prepare visual materials that not only attract attention, but also communicate effectively with your target audience. Whether it's for advertising campaigns, corporate presentations or social media, our photos and videos will increase your visibility and attract the attention of potential customers.

Brand identity

Corporate identity creation focuses on creating a comprehensive and consistent visual and verbal expression of your brand. It includes concept development, logo, icon, typography and colour scheme design, as well as visualisation of these concepts.

Our goal is to ensure your brand maintains a consistent, professional appearance across all marketing channels, making it both memorable and visually appealing.

Brand strategy

Creating a brand communication strategy is designed for companies that want to ensure sustainable growth of their brand and differentiate themselves in the market. We provide an in-depth analysis of all aspects of your brand, including market assessments, customer interactions and product portfolio reviews.

Our goal is to identify key strengths and areas for improvement and develop a strategic plan that aligns your business goals with customer needs, strengthening your market presence.

Creative concept

This service is designed for companies seeking to innovate their communications through social networks. We develop unique visual concepts that perfectly represent your brand and products while actively engaging your target audience. Using the latest creative techniques and innovative solutions, we create visuals that grab and hold customers' attention.

The creative concept encompasses the entire process from the initial idea to final implementation, ensuring that the end result is not only aesthetically appealing but also cost-effective.

Website development

We will create a tailor-made unique website that will reflect and fulfil your business goals. A clear, intuitive and user-friendly website wrapped in an amazing design enlivened by functional micro animations.

Innovation workshop

Our innovation workshops are specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses looking to strengthen their marketing strategies with an emphasis on branding and visual presentation.

We understand that many companies face the challenge of efficiently allocating resources to marketing activities to achieve maximum impact and brand recognition, which is why we have developed a special approach internally to help companies with this challenge.

Naming development

We focus on creating strong verbal identities that are the foundation for brands that last for generations. We offer unique and memorable names for companies, products, services, and product lines in a variety of markets and segments. Unusual is our specialty, because there are no ordinary names, only exceptional.

UX/UI design

Design of the logical structure of a website, mobile application or software solution from wireframes, user flows, to an amazing, intuitive and functional final design. Our UX/UI is based on hundreds of successful projects and more than 13 years of experience.

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